I think that it’s a little overwhelming to try to summarize myself in one little blurb on one little page. But if you needed to know things about me, these should help you fake a friendship with me:

  • Coffee is the first drink of my day, no matter where I am. If I do nothing else in the morning, I drink coffee.
  • I love Harry Potter, but I love other books as well. You will always get my smile with a fun post about the Harry Potter universe, and I will reference it a lot, but my favorite book is One Day by David Nicholls. The book I’ve read the most is Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott.
  • I love stories, not just books. I intake as many as possible. I read blurbs off the internet, binge watch movies, and continue to read books. I even branch out a little in the genres I watch and read. So yes, Shakespeare is still relevant and life changing and I want to talk to you about the meanings within his plays. But also, All About Steve made me think and Hyperbole and a Half completely understands my life struggles. Stories make us better people and you cannot discredit one simply because no one brags about seeing it at an elitist cocktail party.
  • I listen to music a lot, but I’m also tone deaf. My life is chalk full of little idiosyncrasies like this.
  • I could spend hours dissecting words. More than literature, I love language. It fascinates me. I’m not a master at it, but it still enthralls me how connotations and tone and inflection and structure can turn a simple compilation of symbols into meaningful communication and images.

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