10 Reasons to Love Austenland

1. Remember that scene in Pride and Prejudice (2005) when Lizzie is forced to play the piano? This movie does it better. Watch Mr. Nobley jam to her sweet music. I wish they didn’t cut Jennifer Coolidge’s line out of this scene. After Jane leaves, she says, “That was friggin awesome,” and it was.

2. Lays out the realities of fangirl life. Obsessing is unstoppable.


3. Proper amounts of shade are thrown. Mostly from Mr. Nobley. The more I look at his expressions, the more I feel connected to him.


4. I mean. She’s not the strongest of female characters, but Jane bites back during the second half.


5. Jennifer Coolidge is the funniest person in this movie. Her fake accents, misguided phrases, and bizarre behavior is worth everything.

6. Seriously. Jennifer Coolidge.

7. But then there’s some good old fashion romance to warm the cockles of your heart.

8. It has funny little moments that make you feel like it’s a real Jane Austen film as well as funny little moments where you think, “These people are psychopaths. I love it.”


9. They use great literature to insult each other before big fights.



10. It’s the most ridiculous thing you’ll ever watch, but you’ll enjoy yourself. Just shake your head and giggle at the fantastic wonder that is this crazy, awesome movie.


And then after you watch it, go back to your books.



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