(10) Slight Panda Fever

SO. Asian dramas are infinite sources of weirdness. Many have such anti feminist moments that I have to turn them off. Others are so bizarre I’m certain that the cultural chasm between me and Asian culture is deeper than the Grand Canyon. And also, don’t look too close when some of them smile. It’s like they’re faking it or crazy or on drugs. I can’t pin point it, but don’t ever over analyze the smile because it’ll weird you out. Just let them live in their natural moody habitat. We’re not supposed to like actors because of what’s coming out of their mouths anyway. Otherwise, we wouldn’t pay them so much money not to be themselves.

I’m fully aware that I receive judgement for my behavior. But…


It’s gone.

One of my beloved friends sent me a Buzzfeed listicle of attractive Asian men because Panda Fever is real. But the list really ticked me off because I felt like it was really the small list of Asian actors in Hollywood. I didn’t want that list. I wanted to see the actors in the shows I’m currently watching. So, I’m making my own list.

1. Choi Siwon (Skip Beat!Oh My Lady)


2. Lee Donghae (Panda and HedgehogSkip Beat!)


His hair though. I mean, their hair i n general is spectacular and steals most of my focus. But his is magic.

3. Aaron Yan (Fall in Love with MeJust You)


4. Choi Min Ho (To The Beautiful You)


5. Lee Hyun Woo (To The Beautiful You)


Beware of the mushroom haircut he rocks in the first eight episodes though. It’s full of sadness.

6. Tang Zhen Gang


His face is cute, but I think we really should be focusing on the fact that his shoulder width is twice as wide as his hips in a way not many men manage.


7. Haruma Miura (Kimi ni TodokeLast Cinderella)


There is a beautiful moment in the manga and anime of this show in which the main girl confesses her love in front of the class to save the main guy’s reputation. She then fully bows, says “excuse me”, and peaces out before anyone can react. I laugh every time.

8. Sota Fukushi (Say I Love You)


9. George Hu (Love Now)


Also, visual representation of my workout strategy. Although, I accept that Asian men wear weird shit so maybe it’s just an unremarkable Tuesday for him. Who knows?

10. Hyun Bin (Secret Garden)


This post is dedicated to my roommate, who while doing yoga with me, suffered through (enjoyed) my response to our instructor asking us to complete this sentence:

Adriene: I embrace…

Me: Asian men.

Roommate: *dying of laughter*

Me: I’m going to bog about this later.


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