10 People I’d Rather See on the Ballot

This is the Friday of my workweek. So it still counts.

(Yeah it counts!)

1. President: Tina Fey, Vice President: Amy Poehler


2. President: Bert, Vice President: Ernie


The joke was there. I had to take it.

3. President: Hermione Granger, Vice President: Luna Lovegood

granger lovegood.jpg

Hermione would get shit done and Luna would bring a new perspective to government.

4. President: Papa Looker, Vice President: Mama Kalmes

Let’s bring this power couple straight to DC, guys.

5. President: Sherrif Woody, Vice President: Buzz Lightyear

and beyond.gif

Plot Twist: They take their slogan seriously and never leave office. End of presidential elections forever.

6. President: Statler, Vice President: Waldorf


It’s okay if you don’t like them. They don’t like you.

7. President: Dr. Evil, Vice President: Mini Me


It doesn’t seem like being a criminal will stop anyone from becoming president.

8. President: Carl Fredricksen, Vice President: Russell


As you can see, their priorities are straight.

9. President: Yzma, Vice President: Kronk


Teamwork makes the dream work.

10. President: Jacii Sherouse, Vice President: Marissa Sherouse

We have a slogan. I think. You’d have to ask our campaign manager Zach.


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