Monday, Fonday. (10)

Welp. Three days late and a dollar short. I think I had something planned, but right now I’m tired and nauseous. Full disclosure: I had to rewrite part of that sentence because I said time instead of tired. Words are obviously failing. Why did I choose Friday anyway? Other than a list of ten seemed fun for the weekend. Don’t use a capital W on weekend like I just did. I’m so much more tired than I realized. Anyways, Fridays are a terrible day for me to dedicate to writing a list of ten.

1. I don’t write the list on Wednesday or Thursday like I should. It’s becoming the pattern that I can’t even remember to write it on Friday. Still, I don’t pregame. That’s no longer in my nature.

2. I work all day on Friday. I work 11 am to 8:30 pm with a forty minute commute each way. I don’t really have time on a Friday to sit down with my cup of coffee and list ten of something.

3. Usually, despite the oddity that was the last half of January and the first half of February, I word Saturdays. I also work Thursdays. Each day I work at least seven and a half hours. So I don’t really have time near Friday to write this list.

4. I’m super tired. I’ve become that nagging adult. I haven’t entirely embraced it because I hate myself a little for it, but let’s be real. I wake up with mostly enough time to get ready, pack my lunch, and make it to work on the dot.

5. If making a list of ten isn’t always easy. Some days, I get to number five and I think, “Shit. I don’t think I’ll make it to ten.” Real worry is involved. I mean, I always make it, but that takes time. Even if I get a spare twenty minutes on Friday morning, that’s pushing it.

6. Of course, I could be an ass-hat of an employee and write this list during work. I do have downtime occasionally. Except, I’d feel Catholic sized guilt about it and then I’d have to clock out to finish writing it. I don’t necessarily want to clock out because that cuts into my pay check. I’d rather get paid for writing than get paid less.

7. Not that this list in particular, or any list I’ve created is particularly amaze-balls. This one probably won’t have any gifs either. That doubles the time. You know what, I should stop putting myself down on this. Stressing about posting a list on Friday has shifted my focus from having fun to pushing out product.

8. I should really write this on Sunday. But is that too close to Tuesday to post something? Maybe I should switch Tuesday to Wednesday, especially since I’ve started working Tuesdays. I mean, it’s Monday, so this week it will be a post a day for two days, but if that happens every week, won’t that be aggressive? I think so.

9. I want the list to be a weekend thing. I don’t know why. For the people I suppose. Except, Friday doesn’t really dictate my weekend. My weekend is really Tuesday and Wednesday. So positing on Friday is like posting on the Tuesday of my week. Oh my God, my life only accepts two days of the week: Tuesday and Friday. Moving on. I think it might not seem as fun because a list of ten when your brain is saying “It’s Tuesday.” doesn’t give the hype of a list of ten when you’re brain is saying, “It’s Friday!”

10. I think i have a case of the Mondays. I just spent a whole post complaining about Fridays as a work day. Or maybe I shouldn’t. Who ever in the history of the world was actually productive on a Friday when work was involved? No one. Everyone just counts down until they can gt off work. Not that I get Saturdays off, but everyone else seems to have this “Friday=Weekend” mentality. Maybe I just get infected and it messes with my brain chemistry.

Anyways. That’s why I’m posting this list on Monday and not Friday. I know you were worried about that.


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