Last Ten Things I Pinned

I’ve changed the topics that I follow on Pinterest. In a weird sort of way, the pictures were making me unhappy. I can’t really say why, but the specific mix of actors and books that I followed left me feeling angry, overwhelmed, and upset. Crazy. I know. So I changed things. I chose new things to follow. I decided to choose things I was interested in, but might not ever have chosen had I not needed to reset my Pinterest.

Yes, I still follow Harry Potter. #cantstopwontstop

1. I mean, the books give us conclusive reasons why Harry was never going to be sorted into Ravenclaw. If this person was Harry, Harry definitely would have been Slytherin.


2. Usually I wouldn’t say I’m a Virginia Woolf* fan. However, this is a wonderful quote, and her suicide letter to her husband makes me cry every time. *Not entirely sure Virginia Woolf said this either. Didn’t research it. Don’t care. Still like the quote.


3. I’m ridiculously in love with elephants. It’s becoming an obsession.


4. This artist is on DeviantArt. Her name is Burdge. I. Want. Her. Talent. She’s amazing. Also, it’s fun to see the little ways she’s improved from her first pictures to her most recent. I pin a lot of her stuff.


5. I’m a big fan of thinking about thinking bout characters outside of their story. This one gets me. I hate The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but this is really, stupidly cute.


6. J. K. Rowling is taking over the world. I’m equal parts “More!” and “Please stop destroying my childhood.”


7. An elephant AND a full moon. I might tattoo this onto my body.


8. I love this artist. My friend Ashley painted me a scene like this and it’s one of my favorite possessions. This guy, though. He makes rainy nights explode with color. No one ever does that, and I didn’t know I needed it until I saw his work.


9. Dali doesn’t do drugs. Dali is drugs. haha


10. AH! This is so freaking cute! Their little faces. I miss my nieces…



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