10 Things Imma Do Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first Saturday in probably YEARS that I haven’t been scheduled to work and not just because I requested the day off to go to some family event or was sick. I legitimately have tomorrow off. I have plans.

1. Draw hands. I have this project for my sister coming up that involves drawing whole people. I’m starting with hands, then feet. Everything else should fall into place after that, right?
2. Think about how much I want to finish hanging my pictures. I only have the two big “Live Laugh Love” and “Faith Family Friends” ones to hang. The question is, do I have the motivation to do something other than stare at the wall and tell myself I should just do it?
3. Shower. I wash my hair like twice a week, three times if my hair aspires to Snape levels. Still, when I take out washing my hair (which for me is like the main event because that’s two of the three things I do in the shower), motivation to get into the shower to wash up just feels like a waste of my time and effort. This is not good thinking. I know this. Still, I’m so laaaaaaaaazyyyy. But I’m going to shower tomorrow. For realsies.
4. Start reading either The Alchemist or Amy Poehler’s autobiography. Both are books I actually want to read. My problem that I face before reading any sort of book is that I know it will become all-consuming and I won’t do anything until I finish it. I won’t even sleep.
5. Do laundry. Hmmmm. I could go another week. NO! I will do laundry and be an adult. Also, you don’t need pants to do laundry. That’s actually counterproductive to getting that pair of pants clean.
6. Buy work pants. I’ve been wearing dresses to work for the past three days because I have no work pants. I just need to woman up and go to Meijer. Not the one on Zeeb Rd though because they only carry size 3X in yoga pants. Not even on my worst day can I pull that off. Or rather keep them up.
7. Get a tattoo! AHHHH I’m so excited. I was supposed to get this done on Dec. 9th, but then I had walking pneumonia. 1 out of 1 pharmaceutical sisters said, “Nope,” so I didn’t. Then I was supposed to get it done on Dec. 30th, but we had to reschedule. Now I’m getting it done tomorrow if it kills me.
8. Eat Taco Bell. I know I’ve instituted Taco Bell Fridays as a thing at my work, but T Squared B is happening tomorrow. Tattoo/Taco Bell. I have my order set and ready.
9. Clean the bathroom. It’s just getting out of control. Also, if I clean it, I might get rebellious and hang my shower curtain up and put out one of my bath mats. Only because I miss the bright colors. There’s too much white right now. And if I do it super casually maybe no one will notice.
10. Work on a character profile for a character I’m creating. Her name’s Ash. She plays with fire. I won’t tell you more. Maybe one day I’ll even draw her. I’d show that. That would be fun. If I was better at art I’d just write graphic novels.
JK (elemenopee) I’m going to sleep all day and do at most two things from this list. Let’s be real.

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