10 New Year’s Resolutions

I hate New Year’s resolutions. I don’t know what I want to do today let alone what I’ll want to do in the future. Right now I have interests and desires, but from past experiences chock-full of anecdotal proof, I don’t know a scooper full of poop what’s in store for me. However, here I stand, I can do no other. Pulling together my limited wisdom and grace, here’s what I’d like to accomplish in 2016 (in no specific order).

1. Finish reading Waverley. I’ve started to read this book in so many different ways that I’ve lost track. But I will read it.


2. Learn how to put videos into my posts. I think I might have done it once, but everything’s changed. I will figure it out, because I will learn how to be techy AF.


3. Learn a new song on my ukulele. Good News: I know where my ukulele is and I also remembered how to spell it without the need of spell checker.


4. Master winged eyeliner. I think my eyes might be programmed to repel all attempts at this.


5. Hang the pictures in my room. I’ve been putting it off for much longer than I’ve ever done before, which means that it might never happen. We’ve passed a threshold that we might never come back from. And by we I mean me.


6. Obligatory Weight Loss Goal: Lose ten pounds total. Maybe not all at once. And probably I’ll gain most of it back. But collectively, lose ten pounds, you know, just to say I did.


7. Save money to go to London. I mean, I’ve already been saving money, but I want to meet my goal for the year so that in around August 2017 I can actually go.

save money.gif

8. Read all of the books I was given for Christmas. I got about half done already, but it’s always that second half that drags and then fifteen years goes by.


9. Write something I’m proud of. Even if it’s just one perfectly composed sentence, I want to be able to look at something I’ve created and be awed.


10. Do a challenge. I want to shake the constant restless feeling I get in my bones. I don’t need to have a life that you’d find on a TV show, but I want to be entertained. I want to do and accomplish and exist on a level in which I feel successful and rich, not just monetarily but intellectually, spiritually, and sundry other -ly’s .



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