The Last 10 YouTube Clips I’ve Watched.

So, I’ve contracted the plague. Everything hurts. I don’t really want to think, so here you go. Don’t say I’ve never made sacrifices of my health for you. Although, I realized that I don’t remember how to insert video into my posts. This may be hard.

1. Dr. Reid defends Doctor Who I never liked that girl. What a twat.

2. Jack Whitehall – Thug Life

3. David Mitchell gets Snappy My love for David Mitchell has only just blossomed. Thank you Buzzfeed for letting me know what I was missing out on.

4. Not Robert Pattinson’s Number One Fan Obviously, I’ve had a bit of a Jack Whitehall stalk-fest. He’s so adorable though.

5. Big Fat Quiz of the Year – 2012 This is hysterical, but a bit raunchy. I’ve warned you.

6. Fail or Holy Grail: Mayo Conditioner If you’re looking to binge watch a beauty blog, this is the channel that you’ll love. She’s super relatable and fun.

7. Huntsman 2 Sneak Peek Trailer I don’t know how I feel about this movie.

8. Tom Hiddleston Reads “may i feel” by e e cummings This will make you blush. Whoa.

9. The Graham Norton Show – Season 16 Episode 13 Eddie Redmayne IS Papa Looker

10. The Graham Norton Show – Season 17 Episode 8 Chris Pratt MAKES this episode. I love that guy.

This is clearly the list that you look at when you he zero ambitions for the day and either have absolutely zero to do or everything to avoid doing. If my lungs weren’t rattling like a Dementor breathing or if I wasn’t battling a fever, I would have put more effort into this. My bad.




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