10. Captain Carswell Thorne

The last book of the Lunar Chronicles came out on Tuesday. I bought it. I read it. I loved it. I feel like some of the series I’ve read that have recently come to an end have dropped the ball. For all the exciting action that happened in the first books, the last books were sad and under thought, like the authors didn’t quite know what else to do to get us to the end of the story.

This book, however, was amazing. Genuinely thrilling. More than once, I thought, “They aren’t going to do it. The good guys aren’t going to win.” I was so happy with it. But this post isn’t about how you should read the Lunar Chronicles, even though you should. This post is really about how much I love Captain Carswell Thorne.


I have loved many a fictional character in my day– Emory Thane, Sirius Black, Benedick, Captain Wentworth. No one has reduced me to giggling like a thirteen year old the way Captain Thorne has. Since he’s not real in the technical sense of the word. I’ve compiled ten pictures that, combined, sort of piece together a little of why I love him so much and fan girl squeal over him.

1. Unlike Captain Jack Sparrow, Thorne’s title is more honorary than earned. This doesn’t stop him from dreaming big and somehow, with relative ease, talk everyone into calling him Captain despite (technically) being a cadet in the American military. He does captain a ship though, so he does have that on his side.cct2

2. He’s a flirt, but in that Captain Jack sort of way in which you love him even more for it. It’s almost endearing how slutty he acts. And you’re just like, “Okay yeah. I’m okay with that.”cct3

3. Reallycct5

4. Really okay with that.cct9

5. And, really, if you like Flynn Rider, they are similar. Only, Thorne is cheekier, if you can imagine it.cct6

6. And he has a stunning sense of curiosity and adventure that stems from his ability to weasel his way out of any and every situation be either sweet talking his way out of things…cct4

7. or sheer dumb luck. cct8

8. His background’s a bit roguish, but he adopts a crew, whether they want to admit they’re a part his crew or not. He cares about them. In his own way.cct7

9. More than that, he’s just down right sassy, classy, and way smart-ass-y. Everything he says is golden. You cannot convince me otherwise. I could have gone back through the books and typed all his good lines out, but then I would have just written out all of the scenes he was in. You should just read the books at that point. cct1

10. I’m 100% sure he’s said this to someone with this exact look, and I only love him more for it. cct10

Excuse me while I fangirl all over the place.





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