Top Ten Favorite Pins on My “Books Are Worth Reading” Pinterest Board.

I haven’t gone to sleep, so this still counts as Friday. So yeah.

Anyway, I’ve been on Pinterest since college. I think my good friend Emily was the one who talked me into signing up. At least, I attribute that to her, which is the truth we’ll go with for today. Rarely do I ever go back through my boards and look at what I pin. Usually, I gluttonously scroll through the millions of pictures, pinning and sending to family/friends but never looking back. Recently, I did. I wanted to find something I’d previously pinned and then got sucked into various boards, enjoying the pins for a second time around. I, of course, have a boards concerning books and quotes and things my brain decided to connect to my habit of reading. These ten are my favorites (so far):

1. But really. How? A month? I don’t understand. You couldn’t put it down? Clearly you did. You must have.reading1

2. I’ve been listening to Casual Vacancy at work. Some parts are so risky that I have to turn it off, then I feel stupid because it’s not like I’m listening to a romance novel. Still, wow. Such graphic. Much imagery. Annnd I’m blushing.


3. Yes, the author’s first name is Rainbow. No, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read it.




5. Everything dealing with the Weasley Twins and the professors rebelling against Umbridge was pure gold.




7. I’ve yet to hear an insult that is better than this one. I dare you to find one.


8. Marry me. #hotdudesreading


9. I would read the crap out of this book! Sorry not sorry.


10. Will always laugh at this. Will always relate to this.



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