It’s Wednesday.

I didn’t write anything for this week. If you didn’t notice, don’t feel bad. I didn’t notice either. During the summer, I was always four or five weeks ahead. This fall, I’ve been writing them Tuesdays after I wake up. I can’t in good faith tell you it’s still Tuesday morning when I sit down to write them.

Yesterday, I lived the entire day without even once thinking, “Hey, I should probably write a blog post because I like to write something every week.” I don’t even feel guilty about it though because yesterday was SUCH a nice day. I can’t even handle how enjoyable it was.


First, I slept for nine hours. When I woke up, I stayed in bed and read a few pages of The Alphabet Sisters. The story centers around these three sisters: Anna, Bett, and Carrie. They haven’t spoken or seen each other in three years, not since Carrie stole Bett’s fiancé like the week before the wedding. Now they’re being forced to reconnect because of their feisty Irish Catholic grandma with a gin and tonic problem. Plus they all live in Australia.

Then, when I decided that I wanted to accept the day, because just because you wake up doesn’t mean you’re ready to be awake. Or be around people. I was able to get dressed in fresh out of the dryer clothes, which was beautiful. My parents inherited my sister’s washer and dryer. I can wash all of my clothes in two loads. It’s all I ever want in life as a twenty-five year old. I was planning for a potential outing with my mom.


Naturally, expecting to go out for the day with my mom, I immediately plopped onto the couch after getting ready. I have roughly five books out from the library. The Alphabet Sisters is one. The one I picked up was Landline. It’s this book about this woman who thinks she’s ruined her marriage and finds somehow this landline that will allow her to call her husband during the year they got engaged. It’s the week before Christmas. I love the books by this author. She’s also written Fangirl and Attachments. I enjoy the characters and the relationships she creates. Anyway, I read that on the couch until mom accepted the day as well.

We are going to dress as sadness and joy from the movie Inside Out. I’m super excited about it. I had my costume set except a blue wig. All mom needed was a yellow dress that we could attach blue designs to. We were planning on spending the whole day trolling through Salvation Army and thrift shops. As it turns out, we only had to go to one shop and found the perfect dress. Then we went to the token Halloween Store that springs up to buy me a wig and to buy her a can of color hairspray. Afterwards, we had lunch at Panera and talked. It was a perfect late morning, early afternoon adventure.


I spent the rest of the day reading Landline. I was able to eat a homemade dinner at the table with me parents and Jacii. After dinner, I finished the book. I haven’t read a whole book in one day in a long time. At work, I’ve been listening to The Silmarillion audiobook. After listening to that, anything is a faster read. Nothing seems as deep or rich in writing. Not that one’s better than the other. They’re all wonderful. After I finished the book, dad put on Kingsman: British Secret Service and Insurgent. I didn’t make it to finish that movie. I got tired at about midnight and went to bed. I left my parents to finish the movie because they are basically teenagers who stay up late to watch movies and surf the web, while I’m ninety and need sleep.

So, that’s why I didn’t even think to care about writing a post. I was too busy having an awesome day and doing things. There’s always next week to be back on track. Or maybe I’ll keep just having adventures and being happy and spiral upwards into greatness.



(That last one’s for my mom.)


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