10 Magical Things in Life

1. Jesus. Obvi. But let’s get serious for a second. The God who created the universe, and if you’ve ever took a brief scan of a science book you realize how crazy, awesome, and complex this universe is, sent his son to live a perfect life, die, and rise again for me, for you, for… the both of us. What? I don’t deserve that. I’ll take it, but I don’t deserve it.


2. Bath Bombs. They are about the coolest things on the planet, but literally the most difficult thing to get a gif of. Remember back in July of 2000 when we devoured Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire like it was literary oxygen? Remember reading the scene where Harry is in the Prefects’ Bathroom and is messing around with the different faucets and it was the coolest idea ever? THAT’S BATH BOMBS. They change the water different colors; they scent it; and depending on which one you buy you can end up with like rose petals floating around in the tub after it dissolves. It’s so frickin’ cool. Ugh.


3. Literally, through a widely accepted system of intricate lines, we can communicate with each other from entirely different places on the planet. I write letters to various people. Essentially, I’m just drawing tiny lines, sometimes connecting them, sometimes not, but when I’m finished, the person who reads it knows my thoughts and opinions that I was trying to get across. That’s insane.


4. Technology. I’m either simple minded or easily entertained, but technology is astounding to me. This past Sunday, I spent two hours Skyping with my Best Friend. I live in Michigan and she lives in Texas. That’s so far away– 19 hours and 16 minutes, 1,315.1 miles, and/or $800 away. Not that I’ve done some math about that gap. Still, we talked. We could see each other’s faces!


5. Coffee. It’s hot water and a plant, but it rules my life. I know you’re just going to tell me that I’ve Pavlov’d myself, but I’m not listening to you. I’m basking in the glorious nectar of the gods that is coffee. In the morning, coffee changes me from a rabid zombie into a slightly grouchy yet oddly humorous coworker. At night, coffee is my comfort food. When my stomach is unsettled, or I had a bad day, only coffee can mend my bruised heart.


6. Beds. What is going on with them? It’s like a bunch of material and padding, but then it’s also seductive and calls out to you even when you’re at work. You start to fantasize about crawling into bed and wrapping up in its warm goodness. It shouldn’t even feel as good as it does to crawl into bed, but the sensation is borderline euphoric. You crawl right in, tucking the sheets and blankets around you. You can feel you’re body heat spread into the cocoon you’ve created. And it feels so delicious. Why is that? Should I even question it or just be thankful for it?


7. Taco Bell. Taco Bell shouldn’t taste good. It should leave you feeling soulless and unfulfilled like every other fast food restaurant, but it doesn’t. You don’t even feel bad about getting Taco Bell. You might want to feel bad. You might act like you feel bad. Deep down, though, you’re like, “I could live the rest of my life only eating Taco Bell and I’m not even mad.”


8. Clouds. Have you ever stopped to look at the clouds? Really looked? I’m continually fascinated by them. They’re so 3D, and you can actually see them moving. Then you start to think how humungous they are. Look at them and image if they fell to the earth. They’d decimate us. But they just float idly along. Go outside and stare at the clouds. I 100% guarantee it’s the easiest way to feel like you’re on an acid trip without taking any drugs. You can’t look at clouds without ackowledging there’s a God who created everything. They’re too astounding, and show God’s majesty.


9. Reading, or rather the fact that when reading, your brain creates all of these images and pictures in your mind like it’s own little movie. When people say reading lets you visit places you’ve never been and meet people you’ve never seen, that’s real. What is essentially little black marks on a page on the outside is on the inside an entire world of color and sensations and noise. When reading, you aren’t on that chair in that room. You are entirely in a different plane of existence. Magic.


10. People who are not your family getting your jokes. I made a Star Wars joke tonight, and I wasn’t expecting a laugh. Not a lot of people get my jokes at work, and they definitely don’t catch all of them either. They just zoom on by over the heads of people whose interests lie in things that are not books, movies, TV shows, and pop culture. But I casually said, “The force is strong in this one,” and it perfectly fit into the conversation. I mean, silver platter and everything. Two of my coworkers continued on with the conversation, as I expected, but the third coworker started laughing hysterically, which made me laugh hysterically because there is no greater feeling in this world than someone appreciating how funny you are. Someone gets it.



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