10 Great Things about This Move

So my last post, though honest, was a bit whiny. To prove I’m happy, I’m listing ten of the many things I’m excited and happy about concerning my move.

  1. First and foremost, I get to tell people I live in Chelsea with Chelsea. Anyone who actually knows me understands that this is the greatest thing of my life. My mom actually asked me if it’s what I was most excited about when she first heard me say, “in Chelsea with Chelsea.” Yes. Yes it is.

freaking excited

  1. There’s a library within walking distance! I’ve never ever lived in a place where the library was within walking distance. I mean, there was Concordia, but there I lived in the library. And that existed in a bubble with three foot thick walls.
  1. I don’t feel like I’m going to be mugged when I walk out of my apartment. It feels like there are fewer people here—and even fewer with prior convictions.
  1. Currently, I’ve gotten my London picture to hang on the wall. Granted, it’s been only a couple of hours. I’ve gotten the picture to stay for a few hours before. But the humidity isn’t sucking away my soul and the full power of the adhesives I’ve used. Holla, command strips.


  1. I’ve gotten my Netflix to work on my Blu-Ray player. Technically, I got this to work mid-packing. But it’s so much better when I’m not staring at all of my worldly belongings in boxes.
  1. The people in the apartment above me are quiet. What are they doing up there? I don’t know! It’s beautiful. Sleep is beautiful. Not hearing Facebook message notifications, small pets running around, and something akin to dumbbells falling at all hours of the day and night is beautiful.


  1. I get to do free laundry at my roommate’s mom’s house, which is second to doing free laundry at my mom’s house. Although, there was an incident with her brother and my bra. I swear to God I did not mean to have so many men see my bra in the past four days. It’s crazy.
  1. When you open the door to my apartment, you see my bedroom, or most likely my door, not the bathroom. “Thanks for coming over, here’s the shitter.” Vs. “Thanks for coming over, you don’t get to see what’s behind door number one.” Which one? Which one?
  1. I live within walking distance of Jeff Daniels’ Purple Rose theater, which is just cool to say. I’ve become more interesting, simply by moving out of Ypsilanti. Plus, people now know how to pronounce the city I live in.


  1. The carpet doesn’t hurt my skin. This is arguably a weird one, but still very amazing. The carpet here is soft, or has seen less murders and subsequently less bleach. I don’t know, that’s all guess work. Still, reading and writing often put me in odd positions. I’ve fallen off the couch more times than I care to admit. Anyway, when the carpet isn’t agonizingly painful, that’s a plus.



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