The Last 10 Things I Pinned

1. Let’s talk about life mottos, am I right? I am right.

2. Oh just the two actors who play my two favorite Marvel characters being witty as eff. Not like that lights up my soul or anything.


3. This is certain proof that if I wasn’t a human, I’d be a cat.


4. I’m 100% sure that Tonks did this ALL of the time. Without a doubt. And look at Lupin’s face. Such love. Much happy. Until they die and then my heart’s ripped out. Who isn’t distressed every time the camera shows them almost grab hands. For Pete’s sake just let them hold hands! Okay. I’m done.


5. I need this every day, but especially this summer. Bah, life is hard, but God isn’t good. He’s great. He’s fantasmagorical.


6. Not necessary a life motto, but certainly a knee-jerk reaction.


7. I have terrible nesting habits, and oh mylanta I want a table behind my couch. this is such a good idea. I want. I need. (Notice my devolution into Gollum the longer I’m in Pinterest. It gets scary up in hurr.)


8. As if I’d have the patience for this craft. Or as if my work would turn out to look so good. Still, I wants it.


9. Heh heh hehe. Mexican Champagne… hehehehe


10. Amen, and thank God for that.



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