Mustard Seed.

I was going to put a picture of a mustard seed for reference of how small they were. Then I realized I’m not really that blogger. I’m not really inspirational or moving. I just publish a lot of random thoughts in ways that I hope make you smile just a little.

Sometime in the recent past, I had a conversation with someone. I can’t really remember who with. Instead of taking experiences and facts and filing them away in a neat and organized way, my brain accepts information and then tosses it over it’s shoulder into a large pile behind the receptionist desk. Finding anything is usually a cluster-nut reliant wholly on luck.


I digress. I was having this conversation and the person mentioned, “hope the size of a mustard seed,” and being the asshat I am, my brain immediately corrected hope to faith. I didn’t correct her (97% of the people I interact with are women so that’s just an obvious guess) out loud because I didn’t think she was necessarily quoting the Bible to me. I thought maybe that’s a phrase she heard somewhere, which yes is probably a misquoting of the Bible. Still, I didn’t feel like in the moment I needed to be the jerk know-it-all. There’s a time and a place.

I keep thinking about this moment though and the phrase itself. “Faith the size of a mustard seed” which of course can “move moments.” The word hope can almost really replace faith in this statement. I think it’s my sinful nature that screams faith so loudly, oddly enough. I have faith. I have assurance that I am correct. Hope is for the flimsy, the flip-floppers. Except, it doesn’t matter about me. It doesn’t matter about them. Faith or hope, it doesn’t matter if you have it in spades or it’s the size of the Milky Way. What matters is what it’s in. I can have faith for days in Coca-Cola. But that can’s not going to move mountains. I can have barrels of faith, but I’m not going to move mountains.

God moves mountains. Heck, God created mountains out of nothing with just his word. It’s not the size of the faith or hope and it’s not the person who carries it that matters, what matters is that it’s placed in the hands of the one thing that has power, authority, and dominion of all of creation. God can do all things. Having faith connects us to that power that HE gives US. That sets my head spinning because it gives me the kick in the rear end that I need. It shakes up my thought process, that mental map that gets me from point A to point B. Once again, I’m reminded that I don’t do anything. I don’t save myself. I don’t find God. God saves me. God finds me. He gives me power and as a result I am able to do his will, wholly reliant upon him.

What’s cool, is that he’s so powerful that if you contained it in something as small as a mustard seed, it could still move a mountain. Imagine if we stopped fighting him at every step, every half step, and really gave ourselves up to him. Think of the endless possibilities that we’d be capable of. The idea is astounding.


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