Not to sound aggressive, but stop telling girls to dress modestly for their future husband.


You’re starting to piss me off. I get it. We all like to tell girls, especially Christian girls that their only worth is in getting married and having babies, which is so heretical that I can’t even see straight when arguing against that idea. Also, I know it’s summertime and the amount of clothing anyone wants to wear becomes smaller and smaller; I understand that no one wants to look at someone bearing it all; and I’ve definitely noticed the increase of reports of girls getting expelled for no good reason concerning their wardrobe.

[Also, stop telling girls that it’s their fault that guys objectify them for what they wear. It’s not. It’s not our fault if guys can’t control their thoughts. There a strongly rooted idea that if girls wear tops that show any amount of cleavage or shoulder or *insert any body part* that they are egging guys on. They aren’t. Guys have the capacity to think for themselves. They are capable of self-control. They should be held responsible for their behavior instead of blaming the girl. Instead of telling a girl that she’s egging a guy on with her outfit, how about we start teaching guys to respect girls? How about we reprimand those who choose not to respect their fellow humans for their behavior, and, I don’t know, tell them that it’s not acceptable or God pleasing and that they should reconsider their life choices?]

That being said, I still am a big fan of dressing modestly. I think that people should wear colors that flatter their skin tone and wear clothes that fit their body shape. I think that wearing booty shorts and a tube top does not glorify the ideals of a respectable woman. Call me old fashion. I can take it. Here’s the thing though, STOP telling girls (or guys even) that God wants them to dress in any way for their future spouses. I’m willing to bet that nowhere in the Bible does God say he wants you do to something for someone’s sake other than his own. No one should be dressing modestly for future spouses, the old angry ladies at church who think it’s okay to dictate who looks like a slut and who doesn’t, people who inspire her, people who are inspired by her, or anyone else.

Dressing modestly is a way to glorify God. It should be between you and God. Would you feel comfortable meeting God in that top? That dress? Those pants? Is that outfit helping you as a Christian? Maybe you don’t think clothes can help you. We don’t have things like capes or iron suits that truly show the type of superhero we can be. Then let me ask you this: Does it hinder you as a Christian? Does it silently contradict what you proclaim, confess, and believe? I can’t answer this for you. That one person on your Facebook friends’ list who always has an opinion on this sort of thing can’t answer this for you. Possibly we can give you our insight and our interpretation of the situation, but only if you ask. As with everything that concerns faith, this is between you and God, everything else is a side effect. You have a purpose in life. It’s real simple. Proclaim Christ triumphant. How you accomplish sometimes requires creativity, but it all boils down to that, putting Christ at the center of all you do even if what you’re doing is choosing your clothes for the day. Or, does God’s opinion only matter Sunday morning when you slip on your Mary Janes? Because let me tell you, when the world comes to a sudden stop. Mr. Whosewhatsit and Mrs. Whathaveyou won’t matter, and you’ll see real fast who is the almighty creator of the universe. You’ll know the only one who matters.


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