Ten Elephants on Parade

I already shared with you my Elephant Walk story. Now, I want to share with you my ten favorite elephant statues. I’ve just recently realized that you can buy figurines of some of the elephants from the London 2010 parade. AHHH. Okay, I got that out. But still. I want to buy one. What’s more is that you can buy an artbox, which is an elephant figurine plus paint so that you can decorate your own. It’s fifty dollars, but I wants it.

wants it

Anyway, here are the ten elephants I love most:

1. Lace Work

Outside of Hyde Park

2. Fish and Chips


3. Polka Dots


4. Paint Strokes


5. Such color, much wow


6. Simply Silver


7. Swan Princess


8. Mr. Ladybug


9. Brights and Solids


10. Fiery Flowers



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