Find the Faker.

I’m watching Daredevil because I’m SUCH A HARDCORE GEEK.

Lies. I’m only averagely geeky. I’m watching Daredevil because I’m a closet Charlie Cox circa Stardust fan and Vincent D’Onofrio is my favorite Law and Order actor. The fact that someone thought to put them in a series together WITH the guy who was the nerdy friend of Laney Boggs in She’s All That was proof that God exists and I’m His favorite child.

I like the show. Yay. However, I’m more excited about Charlie’s stellar American accent. I love when people speak in not their natural accent. I blame Hugh Laurie and my father. Reverse that, and I’ll blame my father first. He’s a Southern man living in a Northern world. For the most part, Michigan has broken much of his Floridian speech patterns. Although, there are a few distinct words he still says with an accent, i.e. “neh-ked” for “naked”, “woosh” for “wish”, and “arnge” for “orange.” In fact, he pronounces all his or’s as ar’s, which is fascinating. Harrar/Horror, tarn/torn, and words like that. How he pronounces words has always been this mind boggling yet highly intriguing facet of my life. I’m absolutely that person who will say a word and then repeat it for hours until it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Why do we pronounce watch the way we do? What does that word even mean? Try it. Say the word watch a few times and life stops making sense.

Another brilliant aspect of my father is that he’s shown me there is entertainment in non-popular shows. While everyone else was watching shows like Lost, pretending they knew what was going on, I was binge watching Jeeves and Wooster DVDs with my father until the point that I woke up with the theme song playing in my head like a broken record. Because of this, I knew Hugh Laurie. Because of this, I could only sit in awe when if first watched House, M.D. because holy crow! That was Wooster and he’s American? British Hugh Laurie = kind of dopey but sweet. American Hugh Laurie = bitter, sarcastic, and angry. Even better? Both are hysterical. So naturally, I love watching actors who do really good jobs at faking it.

David Tennant: I’ve listened to him pull an English and an American accent along with his natural Scottish one. He’s boss,as you would expect of Ten.

Spike (from Buffy): I genuinely thought James Marsters was English for most of my life. Honestly, I had know idea until years after Buffy had ended.

Toni Colette: Thought she was American. Hard no. She’s Australian. If you have not watched Mental, stop reading this immediately and go watch that movie. You can thank me later.

Damien Lewis: This one surprised me. I thought he was going to be terrible. Turns out he’s brilliant and I never should have doubted him. I’m sorry, Damian. You don’t deserve me as a fan, but I love you so much in that BBC modernization of Much Ado About Nothing.

Note that the majority of people I will ever name on and off this list are usually faking American accents. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m American, so I can tell if people are faking it well or total crap at it, or if I think very poorly of my fellow Americans and their abilities to do accents.

HONORABLE MENTION: Tom Hiddleston – He really does people (struggling not to make a “do me” joke here) not accents, in my opinion. I mean, I’ll sit at the computer watching YouTube videos of him saying just about anything and drinking wine, to be honest. I still feel like his talents don’t wholly sync up with what I was going for with this post, but it’s Tom Hiddeston. Any reason to bring him up in conversation is good enough for me.


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